Dear friends,
My name is Natalia Veleva and I am 26 years old. I have to make a great request to you. Sadly on the 30th of June 2014 I was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia – cancer of the blood) – one of the most insidious diseases of this century. I need to have bone marrow transplantation, in Germany to survive the disease. The amount needed for such an operation is impossible for me end my family to collect – 250 000 EUR. This is why I appeal to all of you, who has the willingness and ability to help.

Thank you from all my heart!

Donation account at EUROBANK BULGARIA account holder Natalia Tzenkova Veleva (Наталия Велева):
IBAN BG72BPBI79421020541901

You can also donate with virtual currencies:
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It is incredibly difficult to know that the person that gave you joy and hope in your life, the child that you have created, nurtured and loved more than anything in the world fades away. Because it is stigmatized with the terrifying diagnosis of “leukemia” (AML) and hell descended on earth and become part of your family’s life. It is impossible to hold the hand of your most precious thing and to keep promising her that she will live… knowing that her life is worth 250 000 EUR to perform the life-saving operation of bone marrow transplantation abroad.

The only thing that remains is to ask for help and pray that you will receive it. To hope that the tears, that you don’t have the right to cry, will be felt by other strangers, whom day by day you feel closer to you. Because they have given from their own bread and turned their backs on their dreams in order to save your child and give you the strength to look at it with a smile that gives courage. People whose kindness is a synonym with commitment to others pain. People who actually give meaning to human existence.

And above the unbearable, HOPE and FAITH prevail.

Prevail when reading full of sincerity and warmth messages. Prevail when you meet people who care about the fate of a child. Prevail when a donation account of zero slowly began to grow. And every day when you live with the belief that the huge challenge life has risen in front of you proves that others are sympathetic to your pain and despair. You are my FAITH and my HOPE.

I bow to YOU, known and unknown People! Your moral greatness is immeasurable. Bow Before your humanity and kindness!



Today Nati is feeling better and has more hope for her life. She is feeling as good as a human trapped in a hospital room, with all the terrifying for the mind and body “effects” of the chemotherapy. Nati needs faith, love and support, so that every day she can regain a little more strength. To delete the screaming in pain and fear memories she has and believe she will be fine. That she will be healed. That she would live. …

Let us prove that Natalia is not alone in the most difficult moment of her life. Let me share her story. The more people learn about it, the bigger the chances of her recovery are.