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“One day you understand, that your days here are numbered, but when you are 26 years old you don’t want to count them. Yes I have AML, and it is destroying my body fast, but it is curable. One bone marrow transplant done in Germany will give me the chance to have a life, to love, have a family and kids. After 2 chemo therapies I might not have hair left but I have the will to survive this. Soon I will be in remission and now is the time to collect 250000EUR to live, please give me your hand!”

Natalia’s pain started after a negligible sore throat which didn’t go away, two months ago. After a lot of tests the doctors realized what faith has brought upon her.
Now Natalia is at the National Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Haematological Diseases in Sofia and is undergoing a second chemotherapy course. After this course she will be in remission and it will be the best time to receive bone marrow transplantation.

Natalia’s enemy the leukemia although taking over her body fast is type M1 which is the most successfully treated type of cancer.

Below you can find a copy of her medical history in Bulgarian, and soon there will be a  English version, as you can see everything is happening very fast and we need to work on the page as it goes.

You can also email us with any questions, ideas and suggestions to help her.

Medical history of Natalia Veleva – Bulgarian
Donation account


A letter from Natalia’s FATHER:

Dear friends,

On behalf of my daughter Natalia and me I want to thank you for your compassion and humanity. From the 24th of July to the 7th of August with the ongoing charity campaign have managed to collect 38 000 EURO in the donation account at Post Bank Bulgaria. We are starting a DMS campaign so people can donate with SMS messages, but the process is very slow, although I still haven’t given up on it.

It is vitally important for Natalia, who is currently in the process of a second chemotherapy, to undergo bone marrow transplantation in September in the clinic of Professor Arnold Genser in Hanover with whom we are in constant contact. They have found a donor with 10:10 accordance. The hematology specialist’s opinion is that this clinic is 10 points better than any other German clinic.

Bone marrow transplantation is a very complex process that requires incredible professionalism – much experience, highly motivated medical personnel and perfect medical conditions (sterility and concomitant treatment). This is crucial in cases of health complications (Chemotherapy in the treatment of leukemia uses several times higher doses than other types of cancers). Consequently all immunity fails. This necessitates full 24-hour continuous and effective control over the condition of the patient and immediate counteractions if infections or other types of complications occur.

It is possible to receive financial support from the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. But in the experience of other cases, the amount that could potentially be granted will be less than half of the needed funds.

In conclusion, I want to write a few words on behalf of Natalya, currently recovering from a very strong and aggressive chemotherapy called “Clara”. She is impressed by the fact that in Bulgaria and abroad there are so many good people, known and anonymous, who give funds from their tight budgets to help her, with faith in her successful recovery.

She expresses gratitude to all of you. Thanks all journalists from the national and regional Medias, and her friends who show empathy and assist spreading over Facebook and the internet the information related to her donation campaign.

A thousand thank you and from me Tzenko Velev.
If you would like to contact me: phone +359 887990748 or +359 887432161 and e-mail