As you can see this webpage is still in development, because we need to act fast to help Natalia. But as the domain suggests we will continue to develop it and try to help other people in need all over the world, no matter the outcome.

A lot of people would donate, but have lost their trust along the way, and I think this will be the hardest part to gain peoples trust!
I think that BTC with its ease of use, ability to transfer small amounts fast and traceability is the way to go.
I am not hiding behind a webpage, my name is Philip Krassini, and anyone can find and contact me on Facebook.

Аlongside this project I am collecting fait money any way I can, but my biggest hope is here.
I will update it with more information soon.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions, I need all the help I can get, she needs it and deserves it.

Update #1
If you would like to donate in any other Cryptocoins contact me I will create a wallet for you immediately.
I am trying to contact someone BIG, like an exchange or foundation, which would host the wallets publicly, if you have any suggestions please tell me.